Social Media Services

We offer social media setup, graphical header development and management services for the four most popular social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are the primary cornerstones of an established social campaign. Together we will develop a winning strategy to engage your existing followers, and win new ones.

Social Media Setup & Management

We provide worry free social media setup and management ensuring the proper extension of your brand. For those looking to further their hands free engagement, we offer content syndication services ensuring regular postings and customer engagement further boosting the reach of your brand.

  • Facebook – Blog Syndication
  • Twitter – Blog Syndication/Weekly Interaction Tweets
  • Google+ – Blog Syndication
  • LinkedIn – Blog Syndication

Social Media Graphical Customization

Branding plays an important role when interacting with your customer. Creating an element of familiarity is key in establishing confidence. The Acme Dream Company offers graphical customization services for the following social networks.

Email Marketing with MailChimp

MailChimp | Email MarketingWe love MailChimp Email Marketing solutions! Just like Google Apps for Work, it’s an integral component of our company workflow. You can use it to connect with existing and/or potential future customers by providing information, such as company updates through a company newsletter or by direct marketing campaigns.

Social Media Infographic

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