Web Design Services

Each web design project begins by being assigned a dedicated web design and marketing consultant that will work with your team from project start to finish.

Web Design and Development | 7 Step Process

Each web design package features our proven 7 Step development process. Each step of the project will be detailed and well explained to help you understand what you can expect along the way. Please take a moment to view our video on our 7 Step Philosophy.

Learn how we build websites in just 3 Minutes!

Through the process of discovery we will determine the websites purpose, goals, target audience, and develop marketing strategy.

We will map your site, develop navigation, form a structure and discuss the technologies that will be used to convert your customer.

Wireframe models will give us an idea how your front, sub and landing pages will layout. We will design a mockup to give us that visual feel, and apply usability and function.

Together we will develop relevant content that is designed to target your demographic. We add carefully selected media to inspire action and engage your new customer.

We will build your site from the ground up using standards compliant code, responsive interface, and package it nicely into an amazing website powered by WordPress.

We will test, break, re-test, and do it again to ensure your website is compatible across all current browser and technology platforms. We will ensure the website fulfills its purpose.

We will launch the site, monitor, fix, maintain and update your masterpiece as your website grows with you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic onsite SEO is at the core of every web design project and is a crucial aspect of our design services. You can learn more about our included SEO based services here.

WordPress Platform

WordPress is the most popular web design platform in the world! More than 25% of all websites on the planet are built on the WordPress platform. What makes WordPress so popular? It’s the most SEO-friendly web design platform today. It’s easy to update and maintain, and most importantly allows you to scale and grow your site with ease.

Managed WordPress Site Management

The WordPress platform is a constantly evolving technology. System enhancements, product updates, and security upgrades are rolled out on a daily basis. Your website is an important investment.  Protect your investment by managing your website internally, or select one of our many packages to ensure your investment is protected.

Limited/Unlimited Site Updates

Like your business, your website should be ever evolving. It’s important to make sure that the content on your website is updated and accurate. Offering fresh relevant content on an annual basis will ensure your rise to the top. Unlimited site update packages allow you to edit existing pages, create new pages, develop landing pages, and engage your visitors through blogging.